About Us

Chemistry Simplified

6c represents Element 6 on the Periodic Table of Elements: Carbon.

6c Technologies was created to focus on providing high quality cleaning chemicals to end users

Starting wth a structural Carbon polymer backbone, functional addition chemistry forms the basis to choose from when designing cleaners.
From there, we create eco friendly and biobased formulations to solve the timeless problem of keeping things clean.
Lastly, our systems for product dilution control ensure that your results are consistent and easy to maintain.
How it all started

Starting in 1984, one man in a garage begins his quest

A quest to support his family with a shoestring budget and a good idea. Originally started as Titan Products, with an empty barrel and a mixing stick on the back of a old pick-up truck. Over the years, Titan Products had grown to serve larger clients in the Los Angeles area Textile production sector. With the experience gained serving the Garment Industry, Titan gained experience in creating Customized Cleaning Chemicals for clients in almost all cleaning applications.


As Titan Products evolved, it was recreated as EnviroForm Industries.

  Beginning around 1994 our primary goal has been to create: Enviroform Industries, Your Solution to Pollution! Enviroform focused on producing cleaners with modern Green chemistry frameworks as a blueprint for creation, incorporating the most biodegradable, least toxic and minimally hazardous chemicals ingredients. Technology was kept up to date as members of the CleanGredients initiative, as well as affiliation with the largest chemical manufacturers, suppliers, industry news, and Green Trends.
Towards the future

Enjoy the best design and function

We are always thinking up new ways to make things faster, better and cheaper for you.

Our R&D keeps the end user in mind when redesigning or creating new ideas for use in your systems and environments to help keep you ahead of the curve, and under budget. LEARN MORE

Keep your systems ahead of the curve for regulatory compliance by employing the latest in chemical innovations.


Don’t settle for less if you are trying to get the job done right.

Use chemistry designed to perform, with the least eco and biological impact.

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