About Us

Chemistry Simplified

Element 6 

From soft dark coal, to transparent clear diamond, electrical conductor or insulator, Carbon is a highly versatile material which humanity has leveraged to improve our lives.

The King of Elements

Starting with carbon polymers, we assemble and arrange these molecules to create high performance cleaners.

We build Eco friendly and biobased formulations to solve the timeless task of keeping things clean.

Our focus is to simplify the process for your organization to implement and utilize eco-friendly chemicals in a cost effective manner.

Company History

Titan Products

Sole Proprietor Carl Shane begins his quest to support his family with a shoestring budget and a good idea.


Over the years, Titan Products had grown see $1 million dollars in revenue per year serving larger clients in the Los Angeles area Textile production sector.


With his Wife by his side, he started Titan Products. With an empty barrel and a mixing stick on the back of a old pick-up truck.


With the experience gained serving the Garment Industry, Titan obtained skills in Customized Cleaning Chemicals for clients in related sectors.

Enviroform Industries

Following a massive company downturn after NAFTA passed, Titan was dissolved and recreated as EnviroForm Industries in the early 1990’s. Looking towards the future, EnviroForm began attempting to produce cleaners with modern eco-friendly chemistry, which left a bit to be desired. As the technology advanced, formulations were advanced but were still not viable and/or cost effective. But by the mid 2000s, Green Chemical Technology had entered the spotlight on a mass scale.

Thinking Ahead

Our R&D keeps you in mind when redesigning or creating new ideas to keep you ahead of the curve and compliant with regulations.