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Controlled Dilution

Keep your costs managed, users safe and workspaces clean with our multipurpose, easy to use Cleaners and Systems

One client was able to reduce their Degreaser usage cost 66% by controlling the amount of product end users were dispensing.

Our Controlled Dilution Systems work by:

  • Removing Over-pouring
  • Improving User Safety
  • Adding Convenience
  • Keeping larger volumes on hand to avoid running out

Easy, right? Here's the details. ⬇️

MX-1 Hospitality Dilution Controller

MX-Series Dispenser

An Easy to Install, Adaptable and Low Cost Dilution Control Dispenser.

Can be installed anywhere there is a water line using a standard 3/8″ NPT connector.

Flow rates from 4GPM for bucket fill to 1GPM for bottle fill.

Removable Venturi Control Nozzles provide a generous amount of control for your specific job types.

Other systems are available depending on your specific application.

COBRA H.D. Degreaser

Our best selling, multipurpose, eco safe Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate.

Low VOC (meets SCAQMD Rule 1171g for Exemption), great user safety profile, low odor, and foam controlled.

Can be used for cleaning shop floors, touch surfaces and also can be used for Parts Cleaning or in Steam Racks for Heavy Duty jobs.

Available in sizes from 4x1GL Cases to 275GL totes.

Not just Degreasers

We also provide a full range of other cleaning chemicals to support your operations including glass cleaner, interior protectant and more!

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