Keeping your facilities clean and safe are critical to maintaining your organization, particularly through the era of COVID19. Whether you are running a small maintenance shop or are in charge of a large people care organization, a basic understanding of the technology available for cleaning is a smart choice.

What is a Germicidal Cleaner?

Products designed to kill microorganisms which cause viral, bacterial or fungal infections amongst human beings. They are designed to exterminate germs that are create a number of diseases known to science.

Benefits of Germicidal Cleaners

  • Kill disease causing bacteria
  • Destroy viral pathogens
  • They safeguard your organization against cross-contamination
  • They are designed for thorough cleaning and disinfecting

We carry Flo-Kem/Chemco brand products which act as a bactericide, fungicide, and virucides. They are effective against pathogens like Pseudomonas, Aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and many more.

Tips to keep in mind when using these products:

Do not mix these cleaning agents with other cleaning products.
Always use proper PPE as disclosed on instructions when using any chemical or disinfectant.
Do not spray it close to your eyes or close to the skin. If by accident it gets into your eyes, wash them immediately and in case the irritation persists, seek medical attention immediately.
Store away these products in a safe place and out of children’s reach.
Our Germicidal Cleaners are great methods to disinfect your locations but always use with caution.
Read and understand the labels and SDS prior to usage.