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In our quest to provide the most environmentally friendly and “green” products we can, Enviroform Industries is constantly looking to regulatory benchmarks for guidance. Compliance with key eco standards tells us that we are on the right track, and can sometimes qualify our products as being among the eco elite. As such, we are happy to share that Oxy-Green meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Safer Products” distinction.

So what is the Safer Products distinction? Originally known as the “Design for the Environment” program, Safer Products helps consumers and businesses make smarter purchases—finding products that are effective and perform well, but also leave a minimal environmental footprint. More information about this EPA program is available here.

Products that meet these criteria are worthy of the “Safer Choice” label, something that more and more environmentally aware consumers and corporate purchasers are looking for. Ultimately, this label denotes a recommended alternative: A product that may be comparable in effect to another, more popular item, but ultimately comes with much less risk of adverse impact on human health or the environment.

Notes the EPA, “To be considered safer choices, potential alternatives should exhibit as many of the following characteristics as possible: they should be technically feasible; provide an improved profile for health and the environment; account for social considerations; and have the potential to result in lasting change.”

This program was developed with the assistance of manufacturers and product formulators, but also eco activists. The EPA explains: “Environmentalists have provided important insight on chemical characteristics, especially for defining the green end of the health/environmental spectrum, as well as identifying ways to ensure confidence in partnership environmental results.”

We are glad that such a distinction exists, and believe it is important for consumers to know what safe, healthy, and green choices are available to them, in particular with regard to cleaning products. We are gladder still to note that so many of our products, including the Oxy-Green multipurpose cleaner, fits the standards of Safer Choices.

Learn more about our products and our eco commitment at our website.